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Blocked Drains/ Toilets

Blocked drains and toilets can be a dangerous place especially because they become a health hazard for every member of the household. Drainage pipes unlike water pipes are not made from special non-toxic material which adds to the danger when things go wrong with a drain. Just fixing a blocked drain or toilet is not going to solve your problem until a good professional plumber comes in to diagnose exactly why the problem occurred and how it can be fixed so that it never happens again.
We at Mercs Plumbing Services PVT Ltd not only provide great consultation services when you are getting your home built but also have the best drainage plumbers in the business. Our plumbers will come in and inspect your entire drainage system for problems and then report and repair them ASAP. We can handle everything from the smallest leak to the replacement of a broken drainage pipe. Our professional plumbers always come in well equip and ready to handle everything to ensure that your problem is taken care of in the shortest time period humanly possible.