Mercs Plumbing Service Pty Ltd
PGE 5515
General Plumbing

Leaking faucets, broken water pipes and blocked drains is what we at Mercs Plumbing specialize in. With over fifteen years of experience working for over a thousand clients from around South Australia you can bet that we have the experience to tackle any problem with ease and professional courtesy. When we enter a home is not only to just get the job done but it is to ensure that you don’t have the same problem again and this is what sets us apart from all the other plumbing companies in South Australia.

At Mercs plumbing we believe in brining the right tools to the job especially when it comes to tackling general plumbing. Our efficient experts can diagnose and fix most general plumbing problems in under 120 minutes. We also back ourselves and save you money by fixing the problem from its very roots hence eliminating the problem for decades to come. This is why all our work is backed by a rock solid guarantee.