Mercs Plumbing Service Pty Ltd
PGE 5515
Strata Maintenance

As a business which has been operating for the past eighteen years we have managed to establish ourselves as being the best at strata maintenance. Our strata maintenance staff consists of some of the most qualified and professional plumbers in Australia so you can be rest assured that you are definitely in the right hands. We can be hired at both ad hoc as well as on a permanent contract basis depending upon the nature of your work and budget.
Our strata maintenance services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Installation and repairs of Natural and LP Gas systems
  • Repairs and installation of tempering valves, and thermostatic valves
  • Repairing and replacement of sewerage pipelines, drainage systems etc.
  • Installation and maintenance of safety fire hydrant, hot water / cold water services and hose reel.
  • Repair and replacement of sewerage, hot water circulating systems and pumps.
  • Statutory testing and installation of black flow device
  • Gutter repair and roof repair